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Want to write for us? Awesome! We’d love to have you.

Luna Mom is a motherhood collective where women can share stories and experiences of all kinds with each other and moms to be. It is a place of support, information, and resources, especially the parts of motherhood that no one likes to talk about.

Luna Mom isn’t a place of validation, because you don’t need it. Everyone’s individual experience is valid already, and deserves to be respected. What Luna Mom is is a safe sphere where you can come in and feel welcome, feel safe, and feel valued.

What we’re looking for:

  • Stories about any of the topics listed on our website
  • Stories about embracing imperfection
  • Stories about modern families
  • Stories about daily life with kids
  • Stories about how you adapted to motherhood
  • Stories about the surprising or unexpected experiences of pregnancy, birth, or motherhood
  • Stories about how you mother yourself, finding peace and balance in your life, health, work, and relationships
  • …Any story you wish you’d heard when you were going through it, and you think would be something to help other moms

Editing: We reserve the right to edit the story for length or appropriateness if needed, but we would never change the message in your story. Use of curse words is okay as long as it is used to accentuate your story and doesn’t include slurs. We accept both new stories and ones that have been published on your personal blog.

Photos: Please feel free to submit any relevant original artwork for your story for us to use.

Payment: We don’t currently pay per article, but we will promote you on our website and social media outlets, potentially garnering dedicated followers to your blog.

How to get in touch: Email us at and include “Submission” and your article title in the subject line. Please include your article, bio, and social media links directly in the body of the e-mail– no attachments please. We do our best to respond to all e-mails, so please be patient.