Meet Luna Mom

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Up until this moment, you may have felt alone. You might think your experience isn’t valid—it is—or that no other mom feels the way you do—they do. You might be wondering why you’re not enamored with your newborn, or why breastfeeding hurts so badly—we’ve been there. You might have two toddlers, and your house is a mess, and you wonder if things will ever get better—they will. You might be fighting with your teenager, and wondering how every other “perfect” mom down the street has such a “nice” family—news flash, no one is perfect. You might be about to become a grandmother, and you’re terrified you’ll cross a boundary and upset your son/daughter and stress your relationship—it’s okay to be scared.

Luna Mom is a motherhood collective where women can share stories and experiences of all kinds with each other and moms to be. It is a place of support, information, and resources, especially the parts of motherhood that no one likes to talk about.

Luna Mom isn’t a place of validation, because you don’t need that. Everyone’s individual experience is valid already, and deserves to be respected. What Luna Mom is is a safe sphere where you can come in and feel welcome. Feel safe. Feel valued.

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours, mama?

In motherhood-

Ainsley and Karen


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When Ainsley was pregnant and postpartum, she couldn’t find honest voices and stories about the reality of motherhood. She struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety for a year until she finally got help, and finally the sun shone brightly in her new reality. This new perspective gave her new purpose: helping other women so no one would struggle like she did.

When she’s not crawling after her toddler or vacuuming up cracker crumbs, she dedicates her time to help other moms know they aren’t alone in motherhood and helps to provide them with a place to connect to kindred hearted mothers.


“To be a person is to have a story to tell.”  ~ Isak Dinesen

Karen is in love with storytelling. Writing has been her passion and purpose since she was 8. 

Storytelling is magic.  It opens the door, and there we are, ready to be seen, heard, acknowledged, maybe for the first time in our lives. Telling our stories is a sacred act, and that act can lead to personal and collective transformation.

When we write we learn who we are, what we think and how we understand the world. When we share our stories, we come to understand one another. As storytellers we establish relationships, build bridges and create community. We are alchemists. That is the power of story.